The roereaken are a mammal-like species. They hail from the desert world of Roerak and are the main inhabitants of Federation of Roerakian Tribes.

Physical Appearance Edit

The roeraken are bipedal/quadruped humanoids. When standing on two legs they reach an average height of 1.5 m for males and 1.2 m for females.

Their rear legs look like a canine leg, although their feet's claws are longer and thicker. The hands present four fingers, all of them ended in a claw, with one of them being acting as a thumb, although it isn't much shorter than the rest of them. Both feet and hands are capable of grasping, as they evolved from a need to climb.

Their entire body is covered in a thick, dark colored fungus, except parts of the face, palms of hands and feet and other areas, such as the groins, armpits and other joints.

A long snout and three eyes conform the roerakian face, two of those eyes on the sides of the head and one of them above the snout. The lateral eyes have two eyelids, one coming from the side and the other from the top, and the larger, central eye has three, two coming from the sides and the other from the top. The eyes have a grisly surface, which is an organ specially designed to shield the eye from excessive brightness.